Me: I’m 26 years old and my life revolves around parkour, fitness, and travel. I’m currently based in Washington, D.C., although I grew up in the Boston area and I’ve also spent time living in Los Angeles, France, and India.

I have had a lot of different training in the past (gymnastics, surfing, cheerleading, snowboarding, etc.) and while I still enjoy all of these activities, my main focus now is parkour. It is an amazing workout, but parkour has also completely changed my outlook on the world. I find myself with a renewed sense of adventure, excited to play, travel, and train on a daily basis. I am stronger, healthier, and happier than I have ever been and most importantly—I am having the time of my life!

Blog: I started this blog in early 2013 as a way to reflect on this new parkour adventure of mine. At the time, I had no idea where it would take me or how much I would fall in love with it. I just knew that it was different and fun, and my friends and family were curious to hear about it! Since then, my blog has grown into a larger project as I continue to share my experiences through my writing, training videos, and stories of my travels. Head on over to my other blog, Handstands and Hostels, for more on my travels.

I hope you enjoy following along with my adventures! For all business inquiries, questions or comments, please email me at ninjagirlbusiness@gmail.com

Blog Cover Photo by Pete Waterman



As an APK Ambassador, I co-founded DC Area Women’s Parkour Meetups and helped to create the APK Women page. I represent APK at events around the world, and contribute articles for the APK website.

Website: www.americanparkour.com Email: adrienne@americanparkour.com


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