Badass Women: Christina Caraballo


Photo by Pete Waterman

Name: Christina Caraballo
Age: 36
Occupation: Healthcare HIT
Fun Fact: Well, I usually say that I do parkour!

Fitness Routine: Parkour, running, swimming, biking, yoga. I run at least one half marathon every year because I’ll never be able to get away from the “dark side” of endurance training, the release of endorphins that comes after a long run!

Favorite Exercise: Swinging on bars. Does that count as an exercise? It seems too fun to actually count as a workout.

Why do you workout? Honestly, I have to or no one would want to be around me. Exercise is therapeutic to me. It clears my mind and makes me feel like I can do anything. I secretly want to be a full-time superhero.

What is one food you would never eat? Red meat. Drives my carnivorous husband crazy!

Favorite Place to Workout: Honestly, I love variety, and I go in waves. For example, I love anything in the ocean, love long bikes on the Capital Crescent Trail, and long runs that loop around the Tidal Basin, Lincoln, Washington Monument, and Capitol.


Athletes (L to R): Natasha Bavolar, Adrienne Toumayan, Christina Caraballo, Terry Yen, Kate Miller. Photo by Pete Waterman.

What makes you feel strong? Why? This is a great question and hard for me to pinpoint. I guess I’m just really stubborn and love a challenge. I wasn’t the most popular girl in middle school because I refused to let the boys beat me in arm-wrestling, running, or pull-up contests. My friends told me that I should let the boys win, but I couldn’t really comprehend that. I’ve pretty much always refused to think that I wasn’t strong enough to do everything. I was really proud when I decided to become a Rehoboth Beach Lifeguard at a time when there were only a handful of us crazy girls. I still think I’m stronger in the water than most of the boys on the patrol 🙂 My daughter also makes me feel strong. She looks up to me and wants to be “strong like mommy” – music to my ears!

Favorite part of your body: Abs.

Who inspires you? Why? My dad. He has always believed in me and pushed me to be just me. When I was little, he would take me to the beach, and we would incrementally work on running farther. By the time I was eight years old, I had three miles down! I’ll never forget coming home bloody from a crazy day at the beach (I hit a jetty), my dad just looked at me and said, “Well, it looks like you had a great day. I saw some of those exercises you were doing. Pretty impressive.” It’s funny because we recently had a conversation about the fact that my daughter is super active, but also loves her dresses. My mom couldn’t get me in a dress! Our conversation was not about the difference in our personalities, but the difference in the times. I love that girls today can be little princesses that kick butt!

What do you want to accomplish in 2016? Change the world, of course.


Badass Women: Terry Yen


Photo by Pete Waterman

Name: Terry Yen
Age: 32
Occupation: Energy Analyst
Fun Fact: There’s about a mole of sand grains in the world!

Fitness Routine: Parkour, running, swimming, some biking, acro yoga (just got into it this year through a friend! Super fun!), prancer-cise… (just kidding ;))

Favorite Exercise: Burpees (hate).

Why do you workout? Stress management, to build confidence in myself, to gain perspective, experience / get lost in “flow” and let’s be honest, to fit in my clothes 😀

What is one food you would never eat? Uni

Favorite place to workout: Outside (in general)

What makes you feel strong? Why? Being able to achieve something that had scared me / made me nervous or I had thought was impossible. I view strength as inner strength — anything that builds confidence in myself and that demonstrates to myself that what I can achieve is not limited by what I think I can achieve. It gives me strength to continue setting stretch goals, exploring what the world and life have to offer, and improving my mental/physical abilities, all the while knowing I can overcome all challenges hurled at me.

Name one thing that scares you: Heights.


Favorite part of your body: Hmmm this is a toughie. Being bombarded by the media, it’s easy to critique everything about my body… can’t say I have a favorite part — I like the whole ensemble!

Who inspires you? Why? My best friend’s 17-month old daughter. Her curiosity, excitement about being alive, level of engagement with everything and everyone around her, fearlessness, patience, tolerance, and ability to focus on a task without easily getting frustrated.

2016 Goals: Get more comfortable playing on rails — jumping over/on top, precision jumps, swinging/lachés, flow, etc.

Anything else you want me (and my readers) to know about you? Try everything at least once! You’re bound to learn something from the experience.

Badass Women: Kate Miller


Photo by Pete Waterman

Name: Kate Miller
Age: 26
Occupation: Physics Teacher
Fun Fact: I’m going to Antarctica this winter to research neutrinos!

Fitness Routine: My fitness routine primarily consists of parkour. I try to go to American Parkour (APK) Academy several times a week for classes as well as open gym on Friday nights. Once it’s nice out, I love to go hiking/exploring outdoors. I also like long walks on the beach… wait…

Favorite Exercise: Holding a handstand… forever.

Why do you workout? So many reasons! First and foremost, it’s fun. Parkour allows me to workout without the “ugh” feeling many people get when they go to the gym. I view it more as play than something I have to do. What I really love about parkour is that it allows my mind to enter a zen-like state. After a long, stressful day at work, my brain is buzzing with to do lists, action items, and unfinished grading (I’m a teacher). When I do parkour, I have to be fully present. It allows my mind to set aside the stressors of the day and focus on my movement. It reminds me how amazing my body is and re-centers my mind for the next day. Finally, there are the obvious health benefits. I have more energy, I’m respecting my body, and I have a more positive outlook. I feel good.

What is one food you would never eat? Anchovies. Ew.

Favorite place to workout: At the APK gym with Lindsey Stirling blasting in the background.


Photo by Pete Waterman

What makes you feel strong? Why? I feel strong when I’m doing a climb up! Imagine running full speed at a wall, transferring your forward momentum to propel you up, grabbing the top (of the wall) and pulling your body all the way up until your feet are standing on top. Now, I didn’t always feel strong when I did this. Quite the opposite, actually. I used to feel weak! But as I trained upper body strength (dips, pull-ups, negatives) I improved my wall climb-ups quite a bit. Although it’s still not perfect, I love feeling my muscles push my body weight up an 8ft. wall. That’s when I feel strong.

Name one thing that scares you: White water. Weird, but true.

What is your favorite part of your body? My arms and shoulder muscles. My arms help me swing on the bars, climb up a wall, or hold myself up in a handstand. When I wear tank tops and dresses, showing off my arms makes me feel proud, strong, and confident.

Who inspires you? Why? My niece. At only five years old, she’s reminded me of the joys of being a kid. Playing because you want to, not caring if you do something silly, and loving life every day.


Photo by Pete Waterman

What do you want to accomplish in 2016? I want to try one new movement thing a month. From acro yoga to breakdancing, trapeze, pole dancing, etc. … whatever gets me moving in different ways.

Anything else you want me and my readers to know about you? Blue. Go do it! You won’t regret giving parkour or yoga or skateboarding or whatever a try. Give it your all and if you love it, keep doing it! You are a powerful, beautiful strong woman… and once you realize that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to!