On this page, you will find photos, videos, and stories that inspire me, and exciting projects that are close to my heart.


WHY do we do parkour?

This is one of my favorite videos. I get this question a lot as a parkour athlete. Why would you want to jump over that bench? Why are you balancing on that rail instead of walking like a “normal” person? Why do you choose to color outside the lines? This video does a great job of showcasing some impressive skills while also sharing with the audience some of our reasons for training.


Board of Media. Let’s give girls a great role model.

Board of Media is a social movement celebrating gender equality in action and adventure sports. Level (trailer above) is a ten-minute documentary that follows action sport enthusiast and journalist Emma as she opens up the debate and uses personal experience as a motivation for change. Level tackles gender issues, favouring equal opportunities in media coverage, prize money and job roles.

It is so important that we talk about this, and that we give girls positive images to look up to, especially in sports. I want to inspire more girls to get outside and move, jump, shred, ride, and play in any way they choose. Please help me support this project and spread the stoke! Head to the website or Facebook page now to read more about the project, the inspiring people involved, and to learn how you can help.



Bodies of Action

Featuring action sports athletes, portrayed by amazing female photographers, this campaign gives light to fantastic females, of all shapes and sizes. Bodies of Action celebrates REALITY and DIVERSITY. Click on the link above to see all of the beautiful images of these incredible athletes and read about their stories.



See & Do. “Normalising who does what and where. Women see. Women do. Women move.” A project by Julie Angel.

From the See & Do website: “See & Do is a global project about inclusivity within movement cultures based on the simple premise of ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’. To start with the project will focus on women by hoping to normalise images of them being active (primarily through parkour, buildering, MovNat & other movement modalities). In time the project will widen to a larger discussion on age and sexuality as well as gender. Once people ‘See’ others then hopefully they will be inspired to ‘Do’.”

Follow along with the inspiring women involved in this project by visiting the See & Do Facebook page and following @see_and_do on Instagram.



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